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Cleaning the heating system before cold weather: is it necessary?

November 1st, 2021

Once again, this year, winter will take us by surprise. We can’t escape it, all the signs are there, the days are getting shorter, and the mercury is dropping. Before the cold sets in for good, you should think about cleaning your heating system. Why do it and is it necessary? These are the questions that the following blog post will attempt to answer.

Heating is an energy guzzler

The heating system represents about 60% of the annual energy bill. When the time comes to lower our bill, we often think more about caulking the windows or investing in insulation and it is less common to think about optimizing our heating system. However, a well-maintained system will perform much better. It will work less, but better and will therefore consume much less energy. It is usually easy, by following the manufacturer’s instructions, to clean your heating equipment yourself. These are simple actions that will allow you to spend a more comfortable winter while lowering your energy bill.

Cleaning the Heat Pump

The dust and debris that accumulate in this type of unit prevent the airflow from circulating properly, which makes the heat pump less efficient. In addition, if the airflow is obstructed for too long, it could seriously damage the unit. Look for signs such as the unit making more noise than usual. The air filter should be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner and hot water. Also, wipe the unit and its interior with a cloth to remove as much dust as possible.

Cleaning baseboard heaters

Because they are installed at the bottom of walls, baseboards collect a lot of dust. They should be cleaned at least once a year. The procedure is simple: turn off the electricity and remove the protective cover. Use the vacuum cleaner’s curtain brush to remove the dust between the dispersion fins. This will remove the dust that is preventing the baseboard from working properly and will result in more efficient heating at a lower cost..

Cleaning the convector

For the convector is much the same procedure as for the baseboards. It is to remove the cover and pass the brush of the vacuum cleaner to remove the dust. You must be careful because some components are fragile. Use the same brush as for electric baseboard heaters to ensure a thorough cleaning of the unit. This will ensure that you get the maximum performance from your unit.

If you have any questions about how to clean your heating system, don’t hesitate to contact the professionals. Fall is the perfect time to do these tasks before the cold weather sets in for good, and heating experts will be able to guide you or come to your location to show you what actions to take to get the most from your heating system.