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Refrigeration Systems: Buy New or Refurbished?

January 3rd, 2024

In the commercial sector, refrigeration systems play a crucial role, whether it be for restaurants, grocery stores, fresh produce warehouses, or other similar businesses. When it comes to choosing between new and refurbished systems, business owners must make informed decisions, considering various economic and operational factors. In this article, we will present the advantages of each option to help you make a choice based on your business needs.


Advantages of New Refrigeration Systems

Firstly, new refrigeration systems are known for their reliability and optimal performance. Indeed, recent and constant technological advancements in this field offer features such as more precise temperature regulators, better energy efficiency, and sophisticated control system management. This translates into more efficient and optimal refrigeration, which is essential in a commercial context.

Moreover, safety and energy efficiency standards are constantly evolving. Opting for a new refrigeration system ensures compliance with the latest standards. This can be particularly crucial in the commercial sector, where adherence to regulations is often very important and often imperative.

Finally, new systems generally come with manufacturer warranties, offering protection against potential operational problems. Additionally, manufacturers provide technical support and services that can be essential in case of repair or maintenance needs.


Advantages of Refurbished Refrigeration Systems

Firstly, on the other hand, one of the main advantages of refurbished refrigeration systems is the reduced initial cost. For many small businesses, this option can provide access to quality equipment without having a significant impact on the initial budget.

Secondly, refurbished systems often undergo a complete refurbishment process. This may include the replacement of worn parts, the upgrade of key components, and extensive testing. The result is improved durability compared to standard used equipment. Thus, the refurbished product offers durability that is comparable to that of a new product.

Finally, choosing refurbished systems can also help reduce environmental impact by extending the useful life of equipment. By favouring reuse rather than purchasing new equipment, businesses can participate in more sustainable practices.


In conclusion, the decision to opt for a new or refurbished refrigeration system is a major consideration for any commercial business. Companies aiming for superior performance and compliance with current standards will benefit from investing in new systems, while refurbished systems offer a more affordable solution for those facing budget constraints. It is crucial to consider the availability of spare parts and to ensure that refurbished systems meet quality and performance standards. A thorough and informed analysis of these essential factors will guarantee a strategic choice, contributing to the efficiency and sustainability of the business. For all your commercial refrigeration equipment needs in Gatineau/Ottawa, contact Frigotech now.