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Why service a refrigeration system and how often?

May 4th, 2022

If you are the proud owner of a business, you most certainly know that a refrigeration system must operate efficiently and that a breakage or breakdown can quickly become a serious problem. This has an impact on your production and can even put your customers at risk by increasing the risk of poisoning. Maintaining your refrigeration system is therefore an essential step in order to protect yourself against service interruptions. The following article will give you some advice on why you should take the maintenance of your refrigeration system seriously, but also on how often it should be done to increase the life of the appliances and avoid breakage as much as possible.

Why maintain your refrigeration system?

The refrigerators found in shops are built to store very large quantities of food, think for example in the field of catering. A breakdown of the refrigeration system would therefore be dramatic since the cold chain in terms of perishable foodstuffs must not be broken. Scrupulous maintenance will allow you to improve the life of your investment while guaranteeing its ideal operation. To optimize the performance of your refrigeration system, one of the things to do is to make sure that the grills and fans on the back of the unit are always free of dust. As for the interior, be sure to put food that is in closed containers. The less chance there is of liquid or food leakage, the less chance there is of bacteria growth or cross-contamination making your customers sick. You should therefore never skimp on hygiene and maintenance to ensure that you maintain adequate sanitation for the proper preservation of food. For effective cleaning, you must absolutely use specialized products that have been recommended to you by your supplier. You must also make sure to dry all the parts of your various devices. Again humidity is a breeding ground for bacteria to grow and you don’t want that.

Call in the professionals

Maintaining a refrigeration system is not just about cleaning. It is a substantial investment and calling on professionals to maintain it is a wise action to take. You can divide regular maintenance into two areas: essential daily tasks that kitchen staff can perform, and monthly, quarterly, or yearly maintenance services that require a certified technician. Following this schedule allows you to detect and resolve these issues at an early stage. Maintenance that is done by a professional includes tasks such as inspecting units, disassembling and completely cleaning ice makers, cleaning fan blades, replacing door gaskets, inspecting refrigerant, recalibration of thermostats, etc.

A professional will be able to advise you on the different actions to take to maintain your device and on the frequency with which to carry out each of these tasks. He can also establish a maintenance schedule with you. Do not hesitate to call on them!